Well, okay . . .

. . . so I finally headed out with the Lumix 70-300mm this afternoon, taking a walk around some familiar turf that I hadn’t visited in many months. Even though it’s only an inch or two longer than the longest glass I’ve been carrying during the past several weeks, I managed to bump the reversed hood a couple of times. Luckily there was no damage.

In the field it’s noticeably better than its Canikon counterparts, though at roughly double the price, it should be. In fact, with a bit more correction on some faint CA in the periphery at 300mm, it’d give about 98% of the IQ of the SL 90-280mm, which is five or six times costlier and more than double the weight.

I’d be thrilled with its performance—if I had a use for it. Sharpness is not an issue with this lens. It resolves fairly cleanly to 200%. Stabilization worked well for me this afternoon, once I switched to electronic shutter. And, contrary to what some youtube babblers might tell you, it’s at its sharpest wide open, not stopped down.

Good to have it in the dry cabinet, which is where it will likely stay until I figure out what to use it for—perhaps on some future travel. The lens I really need now is a fast 135mm that doesn’t weigh a ton. Aside from Sigma’s behemoth, around 1.2kg deployed, that’s a bit of a gap in L-mount. Hey, Mr. Yamaki, where’s the DG DN i Series version of that?

SL2/35mm Summilux-TL