What goes where…

Something I noticed on the SL Typ 601 a few years ago was that the EVF when using R lenses wasn’t nearly as bright as when native L-mount lenses were attached. Stopped down, R lenses yielded an even darker finder, difficult for my eyes to achieve critically accurate focus by f/8.

Although the SL2’s finder is a good bit better with non-native lenses, it still seems a notch dimmer than with L-mount glass. And since the lens profile menu has no provision whatsoever for the APO extenders, I have to select a lens for which the focal length most closely matches the lens/TC combo I want to use. A bit of pixel-peeping reveals that IBIS may be a bit less effective in this circumstance as well.

No problem. With the Z7, I enter the focal length and thus far the camera has done a spectacular job stabilizing both the finder and the image. The EVF is superb. So the lens/TC combos will see use on that body. With the SL2, I’ll limit myself to use of R lenses that are recognized automatically by the M-Adapter-L. No issue that the SL2 may be optimized for use with SL lenses, I’m just happy that the R profiles are even included in the camera.

The past few days have been time well spent sorting out which body works best with which glass. Today the 300PF/1.4X ended up on the Z50, plenty of reach at less than 1.6kg. The one bird I managed to corral is shown below.

Which brings me to the next issue: finding critters before all the green space gets converted to grey concrete…

ChineseĀ PondĀ Heron