What is & ain’t . . .

That source I thought I had for a new copy of the EF 200mm didn’t have it. Seems to be the trend in photography retail nowadays to advertise everything and stock next to nothing.

Speaking of retail, the one local Leica-run shop in this city appears to have shrunk substantially during the pandemic. The “gallery” section of the shop, about three-quarters of the floor space, has been taken over by another business. Given some of the “exhibitions” they’d had there, the new shop puts the space to better use.

Not predicting anything, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see Leica completely out of the 35mm camera business in 5-10 years. Who’s gonna make that happen? Secondhand Leica, of course. This part of the world never got lured away from its M-mount addiction. So it’s no surprise to see a twenty-four year old M6 TTL film camera selling for as much as or more than a current SL2-S.

And then there was the recent “back door” dump of SL lenses to non-authorized dealers (got that info firsthand). In addition to poor sales, it also says that they don’t want to be responsible for any warranty repair issues that might crop up. Yup, sleazier and sleazier. Meanwhile, R lenses are undergoing yet another bump, with prices of the shorter ones the highest they’ve been since the discontinuation.

Maybe I’m not the only one waxing nostalgic lately about glass that relies on optical corrections . . .

R5/RF 100-400mm