What’s next?

The RF 100-500mm issue seemed under control after yesterday, but poor AF occurred often again today. It appears to happen when I’m using Animal Eye AF on subjects with low-contrast colors. It finds the critter or eye, but can’t AF accurately, even on perched subjects.

This anomaly is not unusual on zoom lenses with a zillion elements in a trillion groups. I don’t care what the optics “experts” say, or how many UD, XD, aspherical, nano, or whatever elements there are; more elements mean lower native contrast. Something to watch for—and compensate for, for however long I choose to live with it.

With Canikon covering my bases at the moment, I see no need to hang on to two CL bodies. So one may go in favor of an R6—OR the much-rumored APS-C “R7” if it comes out soon. Prognosticators forecast its release for this month, but with one more day left, it looks doubtful. I guess it’ll get here when it gets here. But even if it’s soon, I might opt for an R6 and its smaller file size and better noise handling for shooting short.

Whatever the case, it appears that Leica is slowly moving out of my photography life. I ditched the brand a couple of times in the past for Nikon and Sony, and ended up missing the great optics. With Canon, no such sentiment so far. I’m seeing equal optics that don’t burn a hole in one’s pocket, and in some cases superior optics for still a good bit less than what Leica asks.

I don’t mind enduring life’s lessons when they turn out good like this. 😊

R5/RF 100-500mm
R5/RF 100-500mm