Where to next?

With the R7 and R5 ruling the arsenal, very much to my satisfaction, and the a6500 gone, the question is what move comes next? Actually, whatever it is, it’ll end up being a series of moves.

Past experience tells me that I need alternatives to keep me on my toes, but the a7IV sits idle with a shutter count of maybe 600, the R10 far less than that. Even though I like the Sony body, the departure of the 100-400mm GM leaves no viable option for shooting long. Even if I add an MC-11 for shooting the EF combo, it’s still a bit short.

Yeah, I know the 200-600mm G is a highly regarded lens, assuming one gets a Wednesday-before-lunch copy made during a time when no US diplomats were visiting Taiwan. But seeing how unfavorably the china-made 100-400mm GM fared in comparison to my previous Japan copy, I’m not feeling lucky. And anyway, if another two kilogram lens had any appeal, I’d probably reach for the Sigma 150-600mm.

If not Sony, then which brand as my alternative? What about Nikon and their recently-released 400mm f/4.5? Sure, and another futile search for a phantom lens that won’t actually be available in these parts for another six months at least. Too much water under the bridge with that company, anyway.

Fuji? No. Everything L-mount is ancient tech already. Leica? Well, the newest of the R lenses are now around 13-14 years old, so no. M43? Not a chance.

The best move would be to ditch Sony completely and use the proceeds for some faster long glass that’ll keep the ISO away from five digits. But there aren’t any practical options.

The next move, then? Probably no move at all.

R7/RF 100-400mm