Where’s the bottom?

After I ditched my CL bodies earlier in the year, I continued to hold on to a few of the TL lenses because prices were so abysmal at the time. When G.A.S. struck a month or two later, I ended up letting them go for the abysmal prices.

Yesterday I ran across a 23mm and 60mm at such ridiculously low prices that I couldn’t pass them up, especially with a camera with an APS-C mode that shoots at 20.2 megapixels. They were substantially lower even than what I’d sold off the two focal lengths for months back.

One wonders, as people with the older APS-C bodies find it harder to ignore more modern options, how low these lenses will drop here in M country. I’m still seeing much higher prices at online shops in other parts of the planet, but are the lenses actually selling at those prices?

Whatever the case, I now have my eyes peeled for a couple more of the primes, should they turn up at prices comparable to what I just paid. With speculation that the next L-mount body may get the M11’s sensor, there’d be 26 megapixels in crop mode if that happens. Even if it doesn’t, 20.2 is plenty for what I do at the moment.

Shades of 2009 . . . gotta love it!

SL2/50mm Summilux-M v. II